Welcome back, friends. I’m glad you’re here.

Hey Collective Misfits, friends and partners.

By now you’ve probably heard that Collective recently closed after an amazing 10 years. We learned so much and did so much good. Thanks again for the ways you made us who we were.

In the wake of Collective, we encourage you all to make community, to offer care, and to practice together. One of the pieces you might be missing is stimulating content and genuinely curious inquiry, with compelling conversation partners. I miss that too.

So, this is the beginning of a different but adjacent journey. Born of our time together. If this is your stop, feel free to jump off (unsubscribe). Thanks so much for your companionship thus far.

Grace and peace,


I’ve spent 20 years as a spiritual entrepreneur, this space focuses the current expression of my consulting practice, comedic reflections on life, prophetic critiques, and stories of my spiritual… curiosities?

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